Arthur Zaske & Associates, LLC (2016-Present)
As Executive Director – Client Services of Arthur Zaske & Associates, Colleen is responsible for all client service and administrative functions of the firm.   She also works directly with clients and the various Custodians related to client service requests, sets up new accounts, develops and implements organizational procedures, and edits quarterly Newsletters, reports and correspondence for the firm.

AZA Capital Management (1998-2016)
Colleen was the Senior Manager – Client Service at AZA Capital Management.  Colleen was directly responsible for development, organization and implementation of all office and client service systems and functions.  She was also responsible for working with the Custodians related to client service requests and all new account set up including notifying all appropriate employees in the firm of the details, including trading implementation.  She organized and formatted the quarterly Newsletter and edited reports and correspondence for the firm.

Zaske, Sarafa & Associates (1992-1998)
Colleen was Administrative Manager and direct assistant to Arthur Zaske at Zaske, Sarafa & Associates, Inc. an investment advisory firm.  She began by organizing the claims administration for two securities litigations.  She then organized and maintained the office purchasing and was responsible for all internal office functions and procedures.  

Insurance Management Services (1985-1992)
Colleen was Administrative / Office Manager at Insurance Management Services, a third party administrator for self-insured worker’s compensation where she managed a staff of 15.  Here, she was responsible for managing and set up of all office systems including office layout and design, furniture, office equipment, human resources and payroll, property management, client relationships, and produced a monthly composite report for the board of directors to track large claims and their resolution.
Yeager & Company (1977-1985)
Colleen was the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Loss Control at Yeager and Company, a third party administrator for self-insured workers’ compensation where she produced daily reports for five Loss Control professionals detailing OSHA recommendations for safety in client facilities.   She also gave periodic seminars for clients on how to complete and track OSHA required forms.

Fort Wayne Mortgage Co. (1974-1977)
Colleen began working at Fort Wayne Mortgage Co. as a high school student in the co-op program.  She began as Assistant to the Manager of the Mortgage Assumptions department and learned other department functions including mortgage payoffs and eventually became Manager of the Foreclosure department where she worked with all contractors and other departments required for the resolution of the properties.

Professional History
Oakland Community College
Harrison High School
Notary Public – Oakland County, MI

Arthur E. Zaske


Arthur Zaske & Associates (2016-Present)

As the managing analyst for Arthur Zaske & Associates, David Zaske is responsible for the quantitative analysis and fundamental research of the various investment strategies that the firm utilizes. Mr. Zaske is further responsible for the portfolio implementation process. 

Enterprise Rent-A-Car (2012-2016)

During his four-year career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, David Zaske achieved the fastest path to the position of Branch Manager allowed by the company.  Before leaving the company Mr. Zaske was running one of Enterprise’s 16 largest operations in the State of Michigan, managing ten people and was responsible for all business operations involving over $10 million in inventory and profits exceeding $1 million per fiscal year.

AZA Capital Management (2009-2012)

David Zaske was in charge of researching the operations of two problematic real estate development investments, and preparing the documents required for litigation of the investment.  Mr. Zaske further developed new algorithms for a unique contrarian strategy, back-tested, and implemented the new strategy and built algorithms for a tactical income strategy that serves as the foundation of the Tactical Income strategy currently utilized by Arthur Zaske & Associates.

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About Arthur Zaske & Associates

Arthur Zaske & Associates, LLC (2016-Present)

As founder and Manager of Arthur Zaske & Associates, Art Zaske is responsible for the entire wealth and asset management process. Having developed and evolved several strategic and tactical strategies, he supervises the planning and implementation for high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. These strategies are based upon unique parameters and proprietary analysis to avoid being swept up in the ebb and flow of a professional crowd or an amateur crowd. Mr. Zaske is also well-versed in sophisticated personal tax strategies and asset protection structures. He directly manages the firm’s Ultra-High Net Worth consulting business, and makes the primary decisions regarding the investment direction of the firm.

AZA Capital Management (1998-2016)
Arthur Zaske was founder and President of AZA Capital Management dba for Insight 2811, Inc. He also oversaw the entire wealth management process of the firm. Mr. Zaske was also the key investment professional in the firm, supervising all investment functions, development and execution of a broad number of portfolio strategies. Mr. Zaske was also well-versed in sophisticated personal tax strategies and asset protection structures. He directly managed the firm’s Ultra-High Net Worth consulting business, and made the primary decisions regarding the investment direction of the firm.

Zaske, Sarafa & Associates (1988-1998)
Arthur Zaske was a co-founder of Zaske, Sarafa & Associates, Inc. an investment advisory firm. He served as Chairman and Chief Investment Officer. Additionally, he conducted securities research, portfolio management and was responsible for the establishment of the Firm’s investment strategy. Zaske, Sarafa & Associate's assets grew to over $900 million under management during his tenure with the firm.

Drexel Burnham Lambert (1986-1988)
Arthur Zaske was manager of the Institutional Services Group covering the State of Michigan. Here, he focused on managing fixed income securities and debt strategies for financial institutions and medium sized corporations. He also maintained a fee based investment advisory business concentrating on High Net Worth Individuals. Further, he was an instructor in Drexel’s national institutional services seminars covering asset backed securities and other derivative investments.

Merrill Lynch (1979-1986)
During the first two years of Mr. Zaske’s second tenure with Merrill Lynch, he was the administrative manager covering three offices. During this time, he developed the basic asset allocation strategy used by Arthur Zaske & Associates today. As one of the founding partners of the Merrill Lynch Retirement Group, Mr. Zaske employed the asset allocation strategy he had built in 1979 and 1980, to manage the assets of other Merrill Lynch customers. The fee-only service rendered by this group was to provide the pattern for the wrap account product later offered by Merrill Lynch and the rest of the brokerage industry. Additionally, Mr. Zaske was the architect of a mutual fund which Merrill Lynch Asset Management successfully offered to Merrill Lynch customers.

Merrill Lynch, Shearson, and Bache - Buffalo, NY (1972-1979)
Arthur Zaske began as a futures broker with Merrill Lynch. After three years, he took a position as an Office Manager for Shearson Hayden Stone (Salomon Smith Barney), became a division director and managed a subsidiary corporation for Shearson. At Bache (now Prudential Financial), Mr. Zaske managed a local department and produced a technical market letter.

Professional History
Western Michigan University B.A.
Elite Mathematics Scholar 
ODK Honors
Wayne State University, M.A.
Registered Principal of all major US exchanges
Advisor to two Delaware Trust Companies
Director of one public company

Colleen A. Doyle

Executive Director - Client Services

The foundation of Arthur Zaske & Associates extends back to 1979 when the founder of the firm, Arthur E. Zaske, formed the Merrill Lynch Retirement Group, establishing a discretionary investment advisory business within Merrill Lynch. During his time with Merrill Lynch, Mr. Zaske began managing investment assets and developed his strength as an asset allocation strategist. Through the Merrill Lynch Retirement Group, Mr. Zaske helped develop a fee-only service model, which later provided the foundation for an independent investment management firm.

In 1986 Drexel Burnham Lambert hired Mr. Zaske to create a new personal investment management subsidiary. A few years later Mr. Zaske formed a partnership, Zaske, Sarafa & Associates (ZSA), and by 1995 had experienced enough growth to place ZSA on Inc. magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. In 1997 Insight 2811, Inc. emerged from the ZSA partnership, and today the same firm operates as AZA Capital Management.

AZA Capital Management followed a dual course of individual client investment counsel piloted by Arthur Zaske and broker-referred separate account management or “platform” advisory to a more generic clientele.

Arthur Zaske served as Founder and President of AZA Capital Management until July of 2016 when he formed Arthur Zaske & Associates, a firm which is entirely focused on individual client investment needs rather than the broker-referred “platform” business.

David A. Zaske

​Managing Analyst